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from small scale fishers

2022 is the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14.b calls on states to secure access to marine resources and markets for small-scale fisheries.

Small-scale fishers from six continents call their governments to action to ensure that small-scale fisheries are protected and restored, and that they continue contributing to economies, health, culture and wellbeing.

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Women and men in maritime and inland small-scale fisheries (SSF) make a major contribution to livelihoods, employment, food security and revenue, in contrast to their marginalisation in decision-making. Coastal fishing communities are the most numerous ocean users.

To ensure healthy and resilient fishing communities, SSF require secure and preferential access to healthy oceans and ecosystems to effectively play their key roles as guardians of the ocean and contributors to food security and nutrition.

SSF demand that governments address the lack of science based, transparent, participative fisheries management and threats posed by pollution, competition for space and resources by other blue economy industries, and to invest in long-term resource management, ecosystems restoration and innovations introduced by women and men from fishing communities.



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About Us

Community Action for Nature Conservation – CANCO is a public interest Environmental Civil Society Organization registered under the NGO Coordination Act (1990) of the laws of Kenya in 2008 with offices in Mombasa, Nairobi and Eldoret. It consists of multi-disciplinary professionals and practitioners motivated and committed in advocating for and contributing to good environmental governance, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and and responsible development.

CANCO subscribes to the universal values, principles, and practices of good governance and democratic rights and fundamental freedoms for public interests and common good. It was formed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals and practitioners with motivation and commitment to contribute to good environmental governance and stewardship, sustainable natural resources management and responsible socio-economic development for public good and widespread benefit to communities and the integrity of ecosystems.

CANCO underscores building and managing strong relationship and networks with various stakeholders in the civil society, partners, government, donors and CANCO’s programs/projects’ beneficiary communities. CANCO works with national and international NGO’s and development partners to address national and local priorities with global conservation impact.

Programme Areas

CANCO’s programs are interdisciplinary in nature responding to the emerging but priority environmental concerns cutting across all geographical regions and land-seascapes and ecosystems in Kenya


Oil, Gas and Mining


Water and Wetlands


Marine Ecosystem and fisheries


Knowledge management and Institutional Development


A leads catalyst for transformative change in Citizen’s action at all levels contributing to good environmental governance and responsible developments.


Promoting the agenda for sustainable development agenda by influencing communities and stakeholders’ be stewards and watchdogs for good environmental governance and responsible development using human rights based principles and ENEA (Engagement, Networking, Empowerment& Advocacy) - our theory of change and conservation approach

Core Values

CANCO subscribes to the universal values, principles, and practices of good governance and democratic rights and fundamental freedoms for public interests and the common good. The core values of CANCO are:

  •   Integrity in all what we do
  •   Democracy and participation
  •  Teamwork and respect for all stakeholders
  •   Gender inclusiveness and equity

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