Knowledge Management and Institutional Development

The contact person for this programme is;
  Doreen Simiyu   

The environment in which CANCO operates in is continuously undergoing political, social, economic, and technological changes. CANCO has to respond to this changing environment. CANCO has to grow and maintain enough stability to deliver services to its beneficiaries. CANCO has to become a learning organization where the CANCO team can learn to change together. As such, knowledge management and organizational development is at the heart of CANCO’s activities. We focus on people, and put emphasis on human resources, their motivation, utilization, and integration in the organization.

We focus on people’s behavior and improving our organizational effectiveness and efficiency for improved performance and impact of our work. We strive in building abilities, relationship, and values that enable us an organization and others that we work with improve their performance, and achieve their conservation and development goals. We strengthen processes, systems, and rules that influence our collective and individual behavior and performance. We enhance people’s knowledge, technical abilities, participation, and facilitation skills, and willingness to take new responsibilities in the changing environment.

We actively incorporate the experiences, and knowledge of our members and partners through the development of our practices, policies, procedures and systems in ways which we continuously improve our ability to achieve our program and institutional objectives.

CANCO is also the convener of Kenya Oil and Gas Working Group (KOGWG) and provides the leadership and personnel to coordinate the activities of this group. KOGWG is a public interest advocacy network advocating for good governance in the emerging oil and gas development sector in Kenya.

Knowledge management is a new aspect in modern organizational management. This program has had impacts within CANCO’s niche. It has ensured continued learning within the organization and sharing of experiences from the different program areas. Knowledge management has proved to be of importance in ensuring that the successes are well-documented, best practices and lessons learnt are captured to guarantee possible replication in the future.

CANCO runs a public involvement volunteer and mentoring initiative under its knowledge management and institutional development program area. This initiative operates at three levels. Level 1 enlists support of professionals and practitioners who subscribe to CANCO’s work, have interests and time and willing to assist in developing and implementing programs and projects. These individuals provide unpaid services utilizing their skills and knowledge for CANCO. Level 2 involves o recruiting and train community members in the specific project sites. These individuals become community outreach volunteers and assist CANCO management in awareness and advocacy campaigns. Level 3 entails offering young university graduates and student’s internship and mentorship opportunities. These young people are placed under the supervision of mentors both at the office and in the field sites who guide, counsel, tutor, and advise the volunteers to gain skills, knowledge, and experience.

Through this program, CANCO implemented a knowledge management project titled” Contributing to sustainable Knowledge Management of UNDP/GEF- SGP Funded Grantees Community Projects in Kenya” This project was funded by GEF-UNDP/SGP Kenya for the period 2011/2012 The primary objective of the project was to:

Generate, collate, and document the explicit and tacit knowledge of UNDP/GEF-SGP funded community projects in Kenya and from other sources and support its dissemination and application. The ultimate aim is to enhance uptake of this knowledge by stakeholder groups for improvement in project design and implementation processes and operational quality, sustainability, replication and scaling up of these initiatives.
In this project, CANCO was able to generate, document and produce a knowledge management draft booklet documenting best practice, insights and experiences gained and lessons learned from implementing GEF/SGP supported community projects in Kenya. The grantee projects demonstrated the role local communities could play towards sound conservation and governance and management of the natural resources in the country for global impact.

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