Oil Gas and Mining

The contact person for this programme is;
Muturi Kamau
Email: teddy.muturi@cancokenya.net

CANCO is among the very few pioneer civil society in Kenya who since 2009 even before the 2012 oil discoveries in Turkana were announced, been involved in and pioneered oil and gas community and stakeholder engagement and advocacy. Since these discoveries, upstream oil development in Kenya has significantly increased. Extensive exploration activities are ongoing in Kenya’s 4 sedimentary basins of Lamu, Anza, Mandera, and Tertiary Rift as well as in the outlier troughs of Nyanza, Magadi and south Kerio troughs. There are large deposits of minerals and rare earths elements in Kenya. Large deposits of coal, iron ore, and rare earths are found in Mui basin in Kitui, Taita, and Kwale Counties respectively.

The aim of the programme is to advocate for sustainable development and good governance of upstream Oil and gas sector.

CANCO is also the convener of Kenya Oil and Gas Working Group (KOGWG) and provides the leadership and personnel to coordinate the activities of this group. KOGWG is a public interest advocacy network advocating for good governance in the emerging oil and gas development sector in Kenya. .

Through KOGWG we have;

  •  Supported and catalyzed action for comprehensive knowledge management in the petroleum development sector for its members and communities
  •  Sensitized and created wide spread community awareness and galvanized community voices
  •  Enhanced networking and coalition/alliance building amongst civil society
  •  Promoted constructive and effective engagement and dialogue with government and companies
  •  Strengthened media liaison to increase wider public awareness and visibility of oil and gas development concerns and issues seeking redress

Since inception this programme has been supported by WWF. For more information please visit Kenya Oil and Gas Working Group (KOGWG).

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