Program Approach

To fulfill its mission and realize its vision CANCO uses its trade mark ENEA approach.ENEA is a Kiswahili word. It means, “Permeate, spread out and be plenty,”

Through Environmental Networking CANCO strives to ensure communities collaborate and work together for common good. CANCO promotes dialogue by supporting site-level and country-level dialogues on issues of environment and development. CANCO undertakes knowledge management by documenting tacit and explicit knowledge as well as facilitates flow and widespread dissemination of relevant information, exchange on experiences, good practices, and tools relevant to sustainable development.

In Environmental Education CANCO empowers communities and stakeholders to have in-depth understanding and aware of and concerned about the environment and its associated problems. In addition, CANCO enhances community knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivation, and commitment to work individually and collectively towards solving issues while maximizing on opportunities for improving the environment and livelihood.

In undertaking Environmental Advocacy, CANCO strengthens the advocacy capacity of CSOs and their networks and alliances and through skills training and technical support. This is to enhance communities voice, more importantly to demand and influence change. CANCO provides institutional leadership at initiating, building, strengthening and sustaining environmental advocacy networks and alliances. CANCO is a national environment watchdog.

Lastly CANCO promotes local stewardship and social accountability to necessitate desirable change amongst the resource users, resource managers and decision makers. Local stewardship is at the heart of sustainable use of natural resources as it maximizes local responsibility and authority. Local stewardship enables and empowers local communities to manage their natural resources in a sustainable basis for their own benefit. Social accountability on the other hand improves and enhances local communities’ awareness of their rights and entitlements and how they are able to assert, demand, claim and protect their rights through active participation in government decision-making processes and programs. More importantly social accountability increases accountability of resource users and duty bearers and compliance to pertinent laws and regulations.

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