The small scale fisheries initiative works with women in fishing, women in fish trade and fishermen in Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale Counties. The program aims to build sustainable and effective coastal fisher community institutions. Institutional systems provide the foundations for sustainable management of marine ecosystems and fishery resources in the long term.
The aim of this initiative is to have the community groups;

  • 1.Empowered and resilient fisher women and men influencing change through sustainable use, restoration and protection of marine resources
  • 2.Women in fish trade knowledgeable and aware of their rights collectively claiming and protecting those rights and effectively engaging in National and County level decision making processes
  • 3.Women in fish trade have increased access to quality fish, diversified value addition and market access opportunities with improved livelihoods

Further, CANCO undertakes activities which focus on building new civil society institutions and strengthened existing ones through capacity building training and establishment of networks. Through this program, CANCO has

  • •Strengthen civil society alliance engagement in advocating for the sustainable management of Tuna fisheries in Kenya
  • •Strengthen engagement with the government and private sector players on sustainable management of Tuna Fisheries in Kenya through participation and involvement the national tuna dialogue and the development of tuna fisheries development and management strategy
  • •Mobilized artisanal marine fishers and reactivated the Indian Ocean water Body network – an umbrella forum for all the BMUs along the Kenyan coast
  • •Contributed to good governance and sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems and responsible fisheries resources
  • •Formation and reactivation of a coast wide marine resources and fisheries advocacy network. With representation in government led sector reforms thereby influencing decisions in various fisheries reforms as well as monitor the exercise of power in the sector and in so doing influence governance.
  • •Fostering environmental stewardship in three site specific areas i.e Funzi island, Bodo and Mwazaro areas in Msambweni district, Kwale County by promoting capacity building and increasing awareness levels on the importance of these ecosystems.
  • •Mangroove restoration Kibokoni –Kilifi County, Ngare, Mkupe and Jomvu Kuu- Mombasa County and Jimbo in Kwale County.

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