Organization Intern

Bhoke Werema is an environmentalist with two years of professional work experience and seven years of volunteer and internship experience in the environment field.  She acquired her Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Planning and Management degree at Kenyatta University in 2017.

Previously, Bhoke Werema worked at National Environment Civil Society Alliance of Kenya (NECSA-K) as the network coordinator. She is currently working under the Marine and Fisheries Ecosystems department at Community Action for Nature Conservation.  She has also been exposed to other CANCO’s departments which are 1. Oil, Gas and Mining, 2. Water and Wetlands and 3. Organizational Development and Knowledge Management in various forms.

In addition, she also works at Stade sports as a team building facilitator and works with local travel agencies for the provision of affordable local and regional/ African travels.

Her hobbies revolve around any form of outdoor activity including but not limited to swimming, skating, charity work and promotion of the #tembeakenya initiative through frequent local travel.