As an organization, we celebrate all the women involved directly or indirectly in marine and fisheries. The women from coastal east Africa are increasingly able to express their concerns and ideas. More importantly they are progressively utilizing emerging opportunities to develop their own legitimate and accountable collective action organizations networks and coalition's for purposes of improving and strengthening their contribution to sustainable fisheries poverty alleviation good security and other socio economic benefits. At the same time the coastal women fisherfolk are in the frontline improving the conservation and sustainable use of Fisheries resources and advocating for good governance and more transparency in fisheries. We at CANCO and our partners support the efforts of women in fisheries.

The small scale fisheries sector is rooted in local communities. Women are significant participants in the sector, particularly in post-harvest and processing activities. The small scale fisheries sector serve as an economic and social engine providing food and nutrition security, employment and other multiplier effects to local economies while underpinning the livelihoods of riparian communities.

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